The rise of independent musicians

Independent musicians are actually the fastest-growing segment of the global recorded music business.

Melissa M. Daniels, Forbes, July 10, 2019

In the recently-published Forbes article “Why Independent Musicians Are Becoming The Future Of The Music Industry“, MIDiA Research reports that independent artists generated over $643 million in the music industry in 2018, representing a 35% increase over 2017.

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Survey results! (part 2)

Last post I showed the demographics of the respondents to my survey “Perception and attitude of musicians toward copyright”. In this post I’m going to report on the responses to the specific questions about copyright, some of the significant correlations between variables in the results, and what these might mean.

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Survey results! (part 1)

Thank you to everyone who completed my survey “Perception and attitude of musicians toward copyright”. The results are in!

Over the next few posts will summarize some of the interesting findings and what they might mean for promoting awareness of copyright amongst people in the music industry. This is my first go at doing research into this subject, and looking back on it, there are some things I would do differently; I will point these out as I go along.

A copy of the original survey instrument can be found here.

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Quick guide to music copyright

Music copyright is complicated. (And on another note, the sky is blue.) The goal of my research and of this blog is to help make it accessible. One sure way of getting people to pay attention to complicated things is creating some short, funky videos.

Kathleen DeLaurenti of Johns Hopkins University (formerly of William & Mary) and her students have done just that. These videos are aimed towards students, but they are useful for anyone trying to get their head around copyright as it applies to musical works in the United States. Please watch!

Music subject guide: Music copyright